I'm named Enya after the singer.
I've come to love my name for its Irish meaning: ‘little flame’. 
Another possible translation: 'kernel'.
Certainly less poetic.
Let's go with the former.

I was born and grew up in Melbourne. Nowadays, I split my time between Melbourne and Sydney. I'm a graduate of NIDA's B.F.A Acting program, and of SHOWFIT’s full-time musical theatre program. I'm currently studying my Master of Theatre (Dramaturgy) at VCA.

I work in theatre, film, television, musical theatre and puppetry. Recent credits include the title roles in CDP’s tours of Spot- Live on Stage and The Gruffalo’s ChildThe Moors (Siren Theatre), Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again (House of Sand) and Love, Me (The Old 505). Screen credits include the yet to be released feature film I’m Not Gay, a series of satirical skits on The Feed (SBS Viceland) and the short film Alienated.

I am also a BBM Youth Ambassador. This scholarship saw me travel to Europe for three months in 2018 to investigate methods of bettering the representation of women on stage and screen, and to pursue further artistic development opportunities. I've shared what I learned on my trip here

Passing on the knowledge that I’ve been privileged to access over my twenty years of training is a passion of mine. Find out more about my work as a teaching artist here

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