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Reaching Gender Equality in the Arts: Resources

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Not sure how to open up a conversation about gender equality? Feeling disillusioned by the lack of great roles for women in plays? Want to be a part of the push for gender equality but not sure where to start? I got you!

I was privileged to learn from a collection of brilliant gender equality pioneers while in the U.K as a BBM Youth Ambassador. Below are three useful resources that articulate and summarise what I was learning about, from the women who were my generous teachers.

All Change Please by Lucy Kerbel. Lucy Kerbel is an English theatre director, author and the founder of Tonic: 'an organisation that supports UK theatre to achieve greater gender equality in its work and workforces.' This book is a self-proclaimed ‘practical guide to achieving gender equality in the theatre’. Kerbel uses clear language, and the suggestions she offers are straightforward. Its usefulness extends beyond helping those in the arts. This book is for anyone and everyone looking to achieve gender equality in their workplace. BUY

100 Great Plays for Women by Lucy Kerbel This book is exactly what the title suggests. Kerbel lists and outlines 100 great plays for women from the Western theatrical canon. This book leaves theatre companies no excuse for programming a season with a gender imbalance.


Lian's List Lian Bell, an Irish designer who spearheaded the Waking the Feminists movement in Ireland, has created a checklist to assist with individual and collective reflection. It is a useful reference point if you're looking to open up a dialogue about gender equality. After testing yourself/your organisation against this checklist, the next (and most crucial) step is to hold yourself accountable for making any necessary improvements. Download your copy here.


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